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Down Payment Tips 5 & 6

#5  Reduce or Cut Out a Bad Habit

Reducing or cutting even one bad habit can help you put away a good chunk of money in a year.  Consider the following habits and whether diverting those dollars can help grow your down payment fund. 

Implulse buying:  If you're prone to impulse shopping, you may want to consider minimizing any purchases that are not  immediately necessary. 

Ordering takeout:  Takeout and fast food are easy and convenient, but they are not so easy on our wallets.  Try cooking a few meals at home each week instead to cut costs.  Pre-planning and freezing meals can also be surprisingly convenient on busy nights!  

#6  Delay Expensive Vacations

Exploring new destinations can be an amazing experience.  However, they are often expensive experiences.  

On average, families of four spend between $4,500 and $5000 on vacations. That's a decent chunk of change!  Consider saving that money towards your down payment and opting for a "staycation" instead!  Get creative and be a tourist in your own town! 

Some ideas:


  • Explore a historical site
  • Plan an at-home spa day
  • Try a local cooking or art class
  • Go camping at a local park
  • Try a new restaurant

You may be surprised at the memories you make... and the money you save!