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Down Payment Tips 3 & 4

#3  Tax Refund

Conider using your tax refund towards your down payment!  Tax season may be the perfect opportunity to qualify for a new home.  IRS tax refunds are eligible as a source for a down payment for homebuyers.  With several low down payment options available, even a small tax refund may be the key to becoming a homeowner!

#4  Ask for a Raise

Living paycheck to paycheck with little wiggle room?  

Time is right:  Timing your saloary conversation is the best way to set yourself up for success.  The best time to ask is during your annual performance review. 

Come prepared:  Never walk into a salary discussion unprepared.  Gather specific performance data and results from projects you've worked on.  Lay out exactly how busy you've been and what you've been working on.