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Do's & Don'ts


  • DO Provide all requested financial documentation within 24 hrs
  • DO Disclose all of your income that you would like considered for qualifying purposes
  • DO Disclose all of your debts (i.e. side business, alimony, child support, additional real estate owned etc.)
  • DO Be upfront about your credit (good, bad or otherwise)
  • DO Pay all of your bills on time (mortgage, rent, car payments, credit cards, etc.)
  • DO Continue to use your credit card as you normally would, but not excessively
  • DO Make your spouse available to sign at closing if purchasing a primary residence
  • DO Keep in communication with your Loan Originator or Loan Partner



Without talking to your Loan Originator first

  • DON'T Change or quit your job
  • DON'T Apply for New Credit or Loans of any kind
  • DON'T Pay off debts, collections or charge-offs (unless advised to do so by your Loan Originator)
  • DON'T Move
  • DON'T Co-sign or become a co-borrower on any other loan
  • DON'T make major changes to your asset structure
  • DON'T make any cash deposits into your bank accounts