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Buying Land to build your home

Here are some important things to consider when searching for land on which to build your dream home:


1.)  LOCATION:  This is always the most important consideration in any real estate purchase.   The safety, surrounding resources and potential for future growth in the area should be evaluated. 


2.)  ZONING REQUIREMENTS:  It's important to know how your propery can be used or what you can build on it. Structures, renovations, landscaping and operating a home business may all be affeced by zoning. You'll also want to know the zoning of adjacent properties to prevent future issues. 


3.)  NATURAL HAZARDS.  The potential for natural hazards, such as flooding or fires, should be researched, as well as what measures would need to be taken to protect your property. You'll also want to check with your insurance company to see what coverage is available. 


4.)  EASEMENTS.  Do any individuals, government agencies or private parties have legal access to your property? If so, for what purposes or length of time? 


5.)  UTILITY SOURCES.  Are essential utilities like water, electricity, gas, sewage and communcation services already in place? If not, what are the logistics and costs of getting them set up?