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3 Homebuyer Tips

It's important to start saving early when wanting to buy a home. Here are the main costs to consider while doing so!

#1 Down Payment:

Your down payment requirement will depend on the type of mortgage you choose. We have loan programs available for as low as 3% down. Use a down payment calculator to decide a goal, and then set up automatic transfers from checking to savings to get started on your homeownership journey! 

#2 Closing Costs:

These are fees and expenses you pay to finalize your mortgage. They typically range from 3-5 percent of the loan amount. You can ask the seller to pay a portion of your closing costs, and you can save on some expenses, such as home inspections by shopping around.


#3 Move-in Expenses:

You'll need some cash after the home purchase. Set some money aside for immediate home repairs, upgrades and furnishings